Primary Schools

Lesson Plans for Central Holidays on the Calendar
Meitarim created lesson plans around central calendar events: holidays and memorial days, periods of the year and so forth, which connect between a range of Meitarim content and help build an organized plan for teaching the subjects at school. Meitarim made many lesson plans accessible and adjusted them to remote learning.

The Role of Meitarim Instructors at Schools
As part of their professional development, Meitarim’s pedagogical instructors undergo a regular monthly continuing education class. This year, Meitarim focused on the role of the Meitarim coordinator and various professional tools that can help the Meitarim coordinators with their work at schools and in the community.

Vacation Calendar
Before the summer vacation, Meitarim created a vacation calendar for the students, which was meant to serve as an educational tool during the summer months and help organize an active schedule during the long vacation days. The calendar is colorful and cheerful and meant to encourage joint learning between parents and children. In addition, the calendar encourages the children to answer a weekly riddle uploaded on the Meitarim Facebook page. Many students from around the country took part and answered the weekly riddles.

Looking Forward to 2021-2022

The Teachers’ Lounge for Integrated Education
A Facebook group was created, especially for primary school teachers in the Integrated Educational system. The purpose of the group is to share materials suitable for teaching at an integrated school and to brainstorm, discuss and think together about various topics relevant to the integrated education agenda. To join the group: click here.

Professional Development Specifically for Primary School Teachers
This year, about five online sessions will be held on the subject of professional development for primary school teachers. The sessions will provide tools for optimal teaching according to the principles of integrated education and will host dialogue between colleagues from integrated schools throughout the country. The Continuing Education classes will focus on a variety of subjects including teaching the Bible to first and second grade students, social cohesion and national holidays.

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