High School

“There is nothing that has no place”
In honor of the end of the school year, Meitarim held a national Continuing Education course to provide tools for discussing healthy sexuality in the Integrated Educational system. Meitarim coordinators, teaching staff and school counselors participated in the course. During the course, the participants clarified and expanded their knowledge on the subjects of gender and healthy sexuality and learned tools of how to deal with it, particularly within an integrated education framework. The course was held in full cooperation with the Integrated Education Department of the Ministry of Education. The course received very positive feedback.

A Celebration of Connection Between Jews around the World and Scholarliness
As part of a unique unit of the matriculation exam, high school students at Meitarim’s schools in Mazkeret Batya and Ra’anana participated in the international Moot Court Maimonides program, as a collaboration with the Hadar Institute in the United States. Together with teenagers from Jewish communities around the world, the participants attempted to formulate a well-grounded Halachic response, following in-depth study of various sources related to giving a second chance to people with a criminal record. The learning was accompanied by a seminar that included encounters with leading personalities from the worlds of law, Halacha and criminal rehabilitation in Israel. The program concluded with an international competition, in which teams from the Meitarim groups participated with teams from the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia and South Africa.

How Good and Pleasant
Regular meetings and joint study of Meitarim High School coordinators resulted in collaborations and the sharing of materials, knowledge and deliberations unique to integrated education. With creativity and while coping with the COVID-19 challenges, the Meitarim coordinators worked tirelessly to promote integrative language at schools. They led Continuing Education classes, projects, created learning material, instructed teachers, preserved traditions and strengthened learning and discourse in the classrooms.

Looking Forward to 2021-2022

Meitarim will continue to promote the important discussion of healthy sexuality in Integrated Education. In addition, the international Moot Court Maimonides program is expanding and more integrated high schools will take part. More students will benefit from the deep, captivating study of Halacha, from the connection with other integrated schools accompanied by the Meitarim network and from the connection with Jewish teenagers from communities around the world.

כלי נגישות